Frequently Asked Questions

What does a social media manager do?
  • Post on behalf of a company to their social media profiles based on the company’s social media marketing strategy.
  • Coordinate and distribute content.
  • Help direct customers or potential customers with questions.
  • Monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments.
  • Help with reputation management.
  • Track and measure results based on established KPI’s (Key performance Indicator’s)
What skills should I look for in a social media manager?
  • Knowledge of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is not enough to be a good social media manager.
  • SMM’s should also have great communication and writing skills.
  • They should be creative, able to come up with engaging, written content on the fly and have an advanced knowledge of digital marketing concepts, strategy and applications.
Do they need a degree in social media management?
  • Social media management is a fairly new industry that’s only been around about a decade. Many colleges are now beginning to offer digital marketing courses, but there are also a handful of certification based courses that are exceptional.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT hire your neighbor’s daughter who “hangs out” on social media all day. If they don’t have an understanding of business, marketing and reputation management, one poorly conceived post could go viral and be detrimental to your business.
How does the process work?
  • The process can vary depending on who you are working with. For us, we begin each new client relationship with a 30-day Evaluation and Roadmap service.
  • Evaluation: During this time, we evaluate what you are currently doing (or not doing), help you optimize all your social media profiles to make sure they are filled out completely and maintain cohesive branding, evaluate what your competition is doing well and not so well, determine your goals and desired results, and establish your benchmarks so you can measure your progress in the future.
  • Roadmap: The roadmap is essentially your social media marketing strategy. We will compare where you are now to your desired results, and come up with a strategy to help you get there.

At this point you have 3 options:

  1. Take the strategy we provide you and implement it on your own.
  2. Hire us as consultants to teach you or your employees how to implement the strategy.
  3. Hire us on a month-to-month contract to implement the strategy for you. We require a minimum 3-month term initially as it takes time to effectively implement a social media strategy. Building a brand online is not like an Amazon Prime order –You can’t have instant success in 2 days. Think of it more like planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow.
What does it cost?

Our initial Evaluation and Roadmap service is $2,500 and includes the following:

  • Audit of your current web presence—from your website, blog and traffic solutions, to your use of social media, video marketing and email opt in choices—or lack thereof.
  • A customized roadmap (social media strategy). We will walk you through the results of our evaluation and tell you what’s making an impact and what’s not, and give you honest feedback & recommendations on how to consolidate your efforts and maximize your results.
  • Included in the roadmap are:
    • Results of Audit
    • Social Media Objectives
    • Online Brand Persona and Voice
    • Strategies and Tools
    • Timing and Key Dates
    • Social Media Roles and Responsibilities
    • Social Media Policy
    • Critical Response Plan (Reputation Management)
    • Measurement and Reporting Results
  • As stated above, after completing your evaluation and roadmap, we can offer consulting services to teach you or your employees how to implement your strategy, or we can manage it for you. These services are completely customizable based on the individual needs of each client. It wouldn’t be fair to lump you all in the same boat and charge you the same rate. We can discuss this second phase after completing your initial evaluation and roadmap.

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