Lt Dan Welding


Lt Dan Welding is a welder/metal fabricator who creates custom art pieces. They are a new business who has relied on local trade and craft shows, their Facebook following and an online storefront hosted on Square Up, for growth. Our challenge was to…

  1. Create a more professional look online with a self-hosted e-commerce, mobile-responsive website.
  2. Give them the ability to track their website visitors for the purpose of re-targetting
  3. Grow their social media presence


The original Lt Dan Welding website was built and hosted on Square Up. We did a complete website re-build on wordpress using the DIVI framework. Our objective was to create an engaging, mobile-responsive website where customers can purchase directly through an e-commerce store. We also added Google Analytics tracking and installed the Facebook pixel so they can refine and better target their digital advertising. By adding site tracking and re-targeting, Lt Dan Welding is now able to establish KPI’s and create benchmarks they can use to improve their marketing efforts.

We also refreshed their logo and completed an audit and optimization of their Facebook page. We will continue to work with Lt Dan Welding to develop Facebook Ad campaigns, and engaging social media content including contests and giveaways.

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